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Paint Brushes, Keyboards, and Game Controllers…Oh My!

I almost called it a day and hopped in the tub (because YAY new bath bombs!) but I realized I am on a roll here and I should maintain it. This will be brief.

Today’s Accomplishments:

I made progress on two wands
I received a new dragon egg order
I added 1,000 words to Cinder Baby (including a rather steamy bedroom scene)
I cleaned the kitchen
I worked out (at home: sit-ups, ab roller, and a Fitness Marshall dance work out)
I did not do a day of study from my Wicca study guide but I did listen to several chapters Cunningham’s book in the podcast while I cooked
I spent a bit of time playing Witcher.

It is creeping towards -10 degrees and I have not left the house today. School is canceled tomorrow. I told you this would be brief.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy,
Blessed be,

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