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Paint Brushes, Keyboards, and Game Controllers…Oh My!

I almost called it a day and hopped in the tub (because YAY new bath bombs!) but I realized I am on a roll here and I should maintain it. This will be brief.

Today’s Accomplishments:

I made progress on two wands
I received a new dragon egg order
I added 1,000 words to Cinder Baby (including a rather steamy bedroom scene)
I cleaned the kitchen
I worked out (at home: sit-ups, ab roller, and a Fitness Marshall dance work out)
I did not do a day of study from my Wicca study guide but I did listen to several chapters Cunningham’s book in the podcast while I cooked
I spent a bit of time playing Witcher.

It is creeping towards -10 degrees and I have not left the house today. School is canceled tomorrow. I told you this would be brief.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy,
Blessed be,






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Stories, Cramps, and, Motivation

Since I’m on a bit of a roll here I figured I would pop in and give a daily update. I hope these will improve as the year goes by but for now these quick entries will have to suffice. Here’s the quick break down:

Work for OWS:

I had an hour-long phone conference with one of the authors where we discussed her annual marketing plan. We decided on some next steps she needed to make and she took lots of notes to follow up on. I think we may start having these phone conferences more often as it seems to be the best way for me to grasp where she is and where she needs me.

Work for Writing:

I added 2,000 words to Cinder Baby. I had hoped to finish it today but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. It is almost done. I am super excited. Cinder Baby will be in the 2018 OWS Fairy Tale anthology. All of the stories in this edition will be based on Cinderella. Yay!

Work for Patreon:

I was able to get my poetry reading video done and completely edited today. I really enjoyed the process though I did it a bit differently this time. I’m happy with the end result and you will be about to see it next week on my Patreon page. The poem is entitled “Sunrise,” and it is written in a form called Trijan Refrain. This was a recommendation by one of my favorite poets and authors, Robert Cano.

Work for Product Reviews:

I got all the photos done for the current reviews I need to do and will start posting those tomorrow. Look for some fun stuff on my pages!

Work for the Magic Shop:

I finished gluing the split in the handle of one of the wands. It does not affect the integrity of the wand but I wanted to make sure it would keep the shape of the hemp handle that I will be adding this week after the final clear coat has cured.

Work for My Spirit and Health:

I went to the gym tonight and got a pretty rigorous workout. I sang in the shower. And I am attempting to read through Day Two of my studies. And so it is on that note that I am going to say goodnight.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!
Blessed be,

Off to a Productive Start!


It is my goal to write here every day this year and use it for both tracking and accountability. There will be a large variety of posts covering everything from updates to product reviews.

Today was pretty productive. And I knocked a few things (but not all) off my never-ending to-do list.

I started off the day by picking up the week’s groceries and throwing together a delicious chicken chili in the crockpot.

I worked on two new wands which will be up in the Etsy shop next week and shipped off two custom orders.

I posted an article to Medium that discusses character development and how it compares to raising a child.

I posted a new video on my Youtube channel sharing the awesome Christmas light show from Tennessee. On our way home from South Carolina Shawn spotted the twinkling lights from the highway and decided to pop in.

A posted a new poem on Patreon. Be sure to join my community so you can access my exclusive publications there.

I started Day One of my A Year and A Day studies. I am currently reading Wicca by Timothy Roderick and Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. I am supplementing my study with a book on runes and a book on crystals.

Oh! And I went to the gym! I thought I was going to die. You just don’t realize how out of shape you are until you have to do some exercising bullshit.

So, there it is. My Day One of 2018. Tomorrow I will be finishing up Cinder Baby and working on OWSU courses.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!
Blessed be,

2017: A Year in Review with Amanda

Hello, darlin’ butterflies! Who is ready to tell 2017 to kick rocks? I know I am. It’s been a difficult year full of lessons and painful growth. But, it hasn’t been all bad. Not even mostly bad. I think when you reflect back on a year (or any time period) the highs and lows stand out more but the lows…they can really leave a mark, you know?

Amanda The Girl

Amanda & Mamaw 1996

For the sake of time (and posterity) I’ll just share my highest high and my lowest low of 2017. In July I lost my grandmother. I have been pretty quiet about because that is just how I deal but it has been one of the most painful experiences of my life. My Mamaw was such a bright and unique person. She was young right up until she was gone. That’s how I always saw her, and ironically, how I see myself. As a girl trapped in an aging body living a life that has increasing responsibilities and achievements. But, always, a girl.


Air Man First Class Lebron

The highest high occurred just this month. Last week, to be precise. Shawn drove me and my younger two spawn to my mom’s for Christmas (YAY) where we also surprised my oldest spawn who is serving in the Air Force. Seeing the unfiltered joy on his face when I opened the door filled my heart so much it could have burst. After nearly two years away it was SO good to hug my baby!


It was also especially important to me that I spend this Christmas with my mom. The first holidays after losing a family member are probably the very hardest and I didn’t want her to experience that without us being together. Seeing my youngest she spawn chat and bond with her Nana was another soul salve moment.

Amanda The Business Owner

This year has been a year of incredible growth for Our Write Side. We added a new co-owner who has helped us move things along in a positive direction. We published eight books this year! We already have a full schedule for 2018. In February we will launch OWS-U, our affordable, online course for authors.

Amanda The Girl With Goals

MACRO GOAL for 2017: Increase my Patreon community so that my writing income will allow me to continue writing. While I didn’t grow my Patreon community as much as I had hoped, it did grow. I have come to understand that it is a slow burn and I just need to keep working at it consistently. I already have lots planned for 2018, starting with a poem the goes live tomorrow. You can join my Patreon community HERE.

Micro Goals:

  • Launched products on Etsy shop, (which took off, so I am redirecting some of my attention there)!
  • Wrote new articles based on keyword relevance
  • Decided to focus more effort on building my personal brand through this website
  • Helped run my publishing company with my amazing partners
    >Which included helping to coordinate several book launches for other authors
  • Continued writing my fiction stories and fantasy book
  • Managed her Patreon profile which includes adding weekly and monthly content

My goals shifted during the 100 iCreateDaily Challenge. I realized the importance of being flexible and paying attention to clues on which area of work is ready to take off more fully, in spite of what may have been planned. So, I accomplished my new and revised goals all while being a mom, wife, and helping to manage staff and projects for OWS, Ink!

Amanda The Witch

I am going into 2018 with a clear path for my faith. I don’t talk about it a lot but I don’t hide it either. Mostly, because I believe Faith is a personal journey. I realize, however, that some people have a hard time finding their way and many of these people seem to be instinctively drawn to me. I’m more of the “live as an example” than “tell people how to live” kind of person. I don’t believe there is one truth. I’m not lost and I’m not searching for “God.” I’m searching for Good.

It’s the night before a brand new day. It’s the night before a brand new month. It’s the night before a brand new year. I will still be the same old me. But, I will be her more mindfully this year. No resolutions. No list of goals tonight. Just a promise to show up for me, every day in 2018.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!
Blessed be.





Amanda Mabry is one of the founders of OWS and their Executive Marketing Director. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit her Patreon page for a dark and stormy walk through the park of her imagination. New stories are posted monthly along with playlists, polls, and more. You can read her supernatural thriller, Next Best Seller, in Tales From Our Write Side and her poetry in Ambrosia both available on Amazon.

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