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November 29, 2018 Blog Amanda Hester

When the clock strikes midnight on November 30th, NaNoWriMo will be over and there will be quite a lot of hoopla among the writing community. People will be up late congratulating each other, claiming their badges of honor, swapping out social media cover pics and all that jazz. And wine. All of the wine. But,

Author Interview: JD Estrada
November 24, 2018 Blog Amanda Hester

To celebrate the release of his newest book, Given to Fly, we are talking with JD Estrada today! He’s going to share with us the inspiration behind this book, some of his favorite authors, and the important messages he wants his readers to walk away with. Besides being a wonderful author, JD is a phenomenal

Becoming a Patron of Amanda Hester
July 3, 2018 Blog,News Amanda Hester

Last night I made a live announcement on Facebook letting everyone know about my newest venture, joining Younique. I promised that I would follow that video up with a post offering more direction and information for those wanting to follow and support me on the next leg of this journey. First, just to make sure

Book Blog Tour: Thrice Nine Legends
April 23, 2018 Blog Amanda Hester

After nearly twenty years since its conception, the first volume of the Thrice Nine Legends Saga is finally complete. Delve into NINE epic tales, spanning over 1000 years of history and 2000 pages, with death-defying characters and grimdark schemes, which frequently explore the darker side of humanity. Based on Slavic folklore and legend, Thrice Nine

New Release: Monster Huntress by David Wiley
April 19, 2018 Blog Amanda Hester

Track down Monster Huntress Today OWS Ink, LLC is proud to announce that the tour for David Wiley’s Monster Huntress, book one in the Young Huntress series, is underway!   Consecrated with her mother’s blood and blessing The world tells Ava she’s just a little girl who should know her place, but Ava wants a

Two Word Tuesday: Precisely and Cinder Baby Excerpt
January 2, 2018 Blog Amanda Hester

Today I am sharing a small peek into my Short Story, “Cinder Baby.” Which includes this week’s Two Word Tuesday word prompt precisely. You can read all the rules below my excerpt and you can join in here. This week’s word choices are: Sharp and/or Precisely   Cindy sighed. Mother had only forced her to

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