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Trendy Pro Socks: Toasty Toes Help Words Flow!

When I am writing, I am working long hours. Working long hours mean I need be comfortable. Have you ever been elbow deep in a scene but then you get sidetracked because your feet are cold without socks or your pants are too tight?

First of all, why are you wearing pants? I prefer to write sans waistband restriction. Actually, I am just bad about spilling coffee or wine in my lap. I am most comfortable with no pants and super cute socks. Plus, every Thursday I join up with the wonderful J.D. Estrada and the #SockItToMe family for a Twitter parade of clever socks and such.

Help Me Choose!

This week I will be popping in with one of my new pairs of socks from Trendy Pro but I can’t decide which ones! Can you guys help a girl out? Wine or naughty? Leave a comment below and tell me your choice!

Are you totally jealous? Don’t be! You can get your very own right here. Once you have your fun socks you should jump on to Twitter and share them with the #SockitToMe family! You can find me here and follow along. Now get back to writing!

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy,




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