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Author Platforms

What is an Author Platform?

Building an author platform is about selling YOU. You want to make an authentic connection with your readers and give them a peek at the face behind the magic. We will talk about types of bios, how many you should have and what goes in them. You also want to put your best face forward so we will cover how to capture the perfect author picture. These two elements, your bio, and picture, will form the very foundation of the rest of your platform.

Do I need an Author Platform?

You have poked around on Facebook and would like to share more of your work, but you don’t know where to start. You need a website and a Fan page and a bird’s nest or something, right? It can be overwhelming, especially if you are starting from scratch. You have come to the right place!

How do I get an Author Platform?

I can help! Maybe you already have a website gathering dust or maybe you have never left the safety of Facebook. In either case, I will meet you at your level and help you continue to build from there.

Just the Basics: 30 Day crash course with one on one consultation via email, chat, and Skype. I will personally walk you through the setup process and help you acquire the resources and tools you need to implement your platform and marketing goals.

Basics Plus: One custom website, email account, plus two coordinating social media accounts

The Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle: Basics Plus two additional social media accounts and a personalized marketing plan

Packages start at $300 plus service fees (where applicable). Additional support services will be available. To begin building your platform today, use the form below with “Author Platforms with A.L. Mabry” in the subject line.

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