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Amanda Hester is a multi-genre author and the founder/CEO of Our Write Side (OWS Ink, LLC). OWS is a publishing house, author services provider, educator, and an online community for writers, readers, publishers and more.

She is a highly sought freelance writer who specializes in research-based writing. This allows her to provide quality content on a variety of topics. She enjoys helping other authors find their way with private coaching and sharing what she has learned from personal experience, for example, this post on Perfecting Your Bio. As an author, she enjoys writing in all genres and forms, even grocery lists. She writes occasional articles on OWS focused on the connection between life and writing and she writes freelance articles for companies like Verblio.

She was previously the Editor-in-Chief for Eat, Sleep, Write and before that, ran a successful special needs blog, Rage Against the Washing Machine, which she retired once she dove into fiction writing.

She is an artist at heart and free spirit by nature with an obsessive love of vampires, kilts, and blue butterflies. She is a passionate advocate about many topics including domestic violence, special needs parenting, and mental health. She laces her posts with the snarky sense of humor one acquires from surviving the darker side of life.

10583904_10204333039951000_5121916664494803738_nWhy Buy Her Next Cuppa?

Writing and art are Amanda’s passions but they don’t always provide a regular income. A full novel or a series takes a tremendous amount of time to produce and perfect. To keep her income steady and writing constant, she needs to find a balance. That’s where her patrons come in. This isn’t a plea for donations, it is a chance to support an author you love (you *do* love her right?) This platform gives her the chance to share her work and support her tea addiction!

(You can pay for her next cup of tea HERE)

Besides writing, she does a lot of her own graphics work (although she has a fantastic graphics team in her corner!) and she makes videos on YouTube. There are costs involved in creating quality work as any artist can tell you. She is hoping at least to offset those expenses (and spoil her grandson).

She wants to share short stories and other surprises with a dedicated audience here while also working on her bigger projects and continuing to help other authors.

By default, your support here will also support Our Write Side. She puts everything she can into the OWS community as do her business partners. The run fully on volunteers, coffee, a few tears, and lots of love!

Amanda has a passion for short stories that explore the darker side of the human condition. She wants you to come with her as we push the boundaries of pain and misfortune while exploring both sides of the coin. Some stories will come from the POV of a victim and some from the aggressor. We will venture into many wilted fields filled with the carcasses of imagined abuses, losses, self-loathing, and wretchedness. Darkness touches each of us to different degrees throughout our lives and here we will witness it first hand.

She will share insight into her parenting and life experiences and series that advocate a topic close to her heart. In addition to this, she will post exclusive videos of her writing process, readings of these stories, and a bit of nonsense. We can’t be serious all the time!

Amanda is a survivor of some of the darkest that humanity has to offer. She survived, and she is here. She is happy and safe. She is also thirsty. Your generous contributions will ensure she never runs out of Peace Tea and coffee as she slaves away at this demanding keyboard.

If you aren’t getting enough of her here, well, we don’t blame you! You can find her all over these internets by clicking any of the following links:

Author Website
Our Write Side

She is always working on several projects at a time, which you can find updated here regularly.

In her downtime, she can be found submerged in one fandom or another via video games, Funko hunting, or binge-watching Netflix with the man of her dreams. She maintains her shreds of sanity with yoga, tea, and books. On a whim she asked her friends how they would describe her, you can see their responses here.

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