Broken Angel (Poem)

Broken Angel (Poem)
March 30, 2017 No Comments » Blog A.L. Mabry

She wears your words upon herself,

Etched invisible along soft skin

Acidic tones drip to chains yet

Sweet words give her flight

Never far, nor for very long

She allows the chains their stay

Harsh critique carved into bone

Silken words on heavy breath

Adoration flowing true

cannot abate

Anger spat into her face

The burn of hatred sears her soul

Wings and weights alike

She is a chained angel


Ethereal and broken

Her wings beat in desperation

Yet you keep her grounded

Sticks and stones may break her bones

But words can break her spirit

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About The Author
A.L. Mabry A.L. Mabry is currently working on several projects, including a short story collection, Darker Daze: The Storms Within and the first book in her Chthonian Guardian, Soul Purge, which will be published in early 2016. She has a sci-fi project in the works, Vivamus, which will be released early in 2017.
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