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Vivamus / Dystopian Novel

Coming Spring 2018

In a dystopian society that is masquerading as a Utopian society, we will learn to question everything.

Our number 1 question is: Are we real?

Meet the replacement kids from C.I.R.F. (Child Insurance Replacement Facility) and follow along as we learn what it’s like to grow up as a backup kid. Can we conform and become exact copies of genetic donors or will we struggle with who it is we are really meant to be? We are vivamus, and these are our stories.

*Cover is a mock-up

Soul Purge
Soul Purge / Fantasy Trilogy

Book One of the Chthonian Guardian Trilogy

Coming Fall 2017

The Chthonian race is now long forgotten; rewritten and erased from our knowledge. Before these darker days magic was controlled, humans were protected and love was for the weak. The baobhan sith hid in the shadows, their evil only escaping into humanity in drips. Today the hearts of humans are flooded with the darkness that was once carefully balanced by the Queen of the Chthonians and her illustrious court of Guardians.

Rashu makes one grave mistake that puts our whole world in jeopardy.

Follow along as the world unravels in an unforgettable tale of love and betrayal.

*Cover is a mock-up

Authors Against Bullying / Anthology

Available Now!

Upon seeing how bullying affects people, many have come together to help shed light on the issue. In the first installment, there is no set theme, but stories focus on bullying in general. All profits will be going towards a charity to bring awareness o n the issue and help put an end to bullying. Authors included in this volume: Brittany Tucker Derianna Thomas TJ Loveless Riya Yadav Mark Mackey Elise Barlow Bree Vanderland E. Montgomery Sarah Tackitt Georgia Faye Pope Airiel Hawkins Lee Ryder Amanda Lynn Renee Jean Rachel Carlyon Cody Lee Powell Ella Dare E.B. Black Aimee Carnegie Yvonne K. Anderson Damien McManus Chadd Hawkins Cassandra Jones Cindy J. Smith Courtney Ernste

Darker Daze: The Storms Within / Short Story Collection

Coming Summer 2017!

Some of us have seen those darker days, stood on the very precipice of its slippery slope. We have looked our demons in the eyes and backed away, oh so slowly. We didn’t cross that line, but the darkness touched us. It settled into the very recesses of our being. It smolders there, ferments, and rots. When we dig down deep, we can still find it. We draw on it, and it spills onto the page as the darkness no one wants to see although many of us have looked for it…
Within these pages, we will discover the secrets of those who could not fight the darkness. A reflection of blood spilled secrets that fester. Jealousy, morose, and passionate rage paint each page in shades of despair. Do not shrink away, the demons are not yours… or are they?

Tales From Our Write Side / Anthology

Available Now!

From Lewis Carroll and Shakespeare to tales that will keep you up at night, make you cry, and touch your heart comes Tales from Our Write Side, OWS Ink’s debut anthology with 17 authors sharing 17 stories, 2 poems, and one creative screenplay. You can order your copy here!

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