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  • Belladonna a Short Story by A.L. Mabry
    June 28, 2017 / No Comments » / Uncategorized

    Belladonna is a dark fiction short story from the collection, Darker Daze: The Storms Within. In Belladonna we follow along as Peter accepts an invite to an exclusive child auction. The slow spiral of chaos is subtle and intriguing with a twist ending you won’t see coming! You can read Belladonna today by signing up

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Multi-Genre Author

A.L. Mabry is a multi-genre author specializing in fantasy, dark fiction, and poetry. He style ranges from close your closet door to spitting your coffee on the page. She's everyone's favorite Sassy Scorpio!

Co-Founder and Co-Owner of OWS Ink, llc

Our Write Side has now grown to include lessons, blogs, and prompts, OWS Inked, our quarterly literary journal, and now, we are fully registered and licensed small publishing house, operating as OWS Ink, llc.

Busy Blogger

You can find lots of articles by me on Medium that cover everything from special needs parenting to character development. All my pieces from around the WWW in one place. Eventually...


On my Youtube channel, you can find readings of my work, lots of advice on writing, and lots of fun book related videos! Subscribe today to keep up with my sassy self.

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